Friday, March 9, 2012

Advice for Research Project

In order to gain the most from this project, and get the best grade, there are a few ideas that should be thought about before-hand. When thinking of an idea for your research, you should find an idea that will be both beneficial and enjoyable. Spending countless hours and conducting research for a project that you don't find interesting or that couldn't help people within an economic and business capacity is not ideal for attempting to do well on this project. When deciding a sample size, make sure to go over and beyond the requirement. Having a sample size of (100+) is something that I would recommend and it would provide more data for your project. Spending as much time as possible throughout the term with your project is also recommended. Waiting until the last week, or not being aware of the deadline, is something to look out for.

A topic that I would recommend coulb be something regarding tuition and how much students are actually paying to come to Kalamazoo College.

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