Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The first advice that I can give is to choose a topic in which you are really interested. Indeed, this project is a very big and long project, so it’s very important to have interest in what you are working on. Second, I would recommend finding a partner you trust and want to work with because you are going to spend a lot of time with him or her. The topic should be interesting but at the same time it has to be something you are sure that you are going to find a lot of variables, correlations between these variables. I suggest focusing the survey on the K College population because the time given to survey people is very short and it’s maybe hard to go out of the campus. It’s very important to be attentive in class, to attend to each class because everything done in this class is important for the project and better understood thanks to the explanations of the teacher than with the book. It’s important to start to work on the project from the day the teacher give you the assignment because it takes a lot of time (from 10 to 20 hours I would say). I would recommend to work with your partner for every section and not to divide the work into two parts. Finally, I think that it’s very important to give importance to this project, because besides being an important part of your final grade, it’s probably one of the most useful things I’ve done this year at K College (I’m international student) that is going to be useful for me for my studies and probably for my future job.

I would suggest for a new and interesting project to survey students about their food habits, about their opinion concerning the food in the cafeteria because I think that students are aware that the food proposed here at K College is questionable and a lot of them would answer this topic. Besides, it would be interesting because foods habits are very important for health of students and it’s today a big problem and I suppose that it affects students more than what we could expect. It could be interesting to compare the results found with other colleges or with other countries. For example, even if we can think that the food of the cafeteria is bad here, it’s possible, I guess, to demonstrate that it’s maybe worse for students in Europe because they don’t take time to eat lunch in a cafeteria and eat everyday bad sandwiches.

By Mathieu Bouvard

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