Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Advice and an Idea

There are several pieces of advice that I would give to students that are just starting out on their stats project. The first is to pick a topic that is meaningful not only to you but also to the students that are taking the surveys. This is especially important for the surveyor because you will be spending a lot of time working with this data and information. The second piece of advice that I would give is to have as much numerical data as possible, dummy variables can help show relationships but having a lot of numbers allows for the regressions to go much smoother. The final piece of advice that I want to give is that you should push to get as large of sample population as possible so that the standard error is smaller and the findings are more significant and relevant. I think that an interesting topic to explore is how the general population feels about this new social justice tilt that the college has taken and how the students see the money that is allocated to it. This idea would definitely be pertinent as we move on with the different ways that the school allocates money.

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