Friday, March 9, 2012

Advice for Future Students

The first piece of advice I have for students doing this project is to really focus on choosing a topic they find interesting. This project involves a lot of work and a significant amount of time will be invested in the project throughout the entire quarter. A genuine interest in Landsea and the reasons people went on or did not go on the trip helped to make my project much more enjoyable. I would also advise future students to keep their responses and data organized. Establish a firm cut off line for when the survey will close and make sure to use only one set of data. Lastly, using the calculations appendix as a way of double-checking your analysis worked well for my project. We did our hypothesis testing and then went through the problems again in order to create our calculations appendix. We spotted some significant mistakes but also a lot of small ones that we would not have noticed if we hadn’t thoroughly reviewed our work.

A new and interesting research project might be to research inter-year relationships and connections. This could include measuring how many hours’ people spend per day or week with people outside their year.

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