Sunday, March 4, 2012

Varsity basketball game attendance has many factors

A recent study on attendance at basketball games has revealed some interesting information. The study, undertaken at Kalamazoo College by two students, set out to find what factors influence whether or not students decide to attend their college’s basketball games. The study polled 41 students out of 1340 total students for a percentage of 3.1% of the student body. The information this study sought is very important to the school and similar schools because it can enable schools to make decisions about how to price their tickets for events and how to encourage more students to attend he games.

Some interesting findings were that both the winning percentage importance and rivalry games factors had a positive effect on the amount of games attended by the students. This shows that when the stakes of the games are heightened, the more likely students are to attend the games. The amount of time conflicts that students had had a surprisingly low effect on the amount of games attended and the values averaged out to be around zero. This means that students were willing to ignore time conflicts to attend games as often as they would skip a game because of it. Another interesting finding was that there was a negative correlation between the year at Kalamazoo College and games attended. Students attend more games during their first years at “K” than they do in their final years.

The information found by this study could be very helpful for pricing game tickets. Games against conference opponents could have higher prices and when the home team has a winning record they could also raise the prices because students would be more likely to attend games under those conditions. School officials could also ignore altering prices for games that occur during busier times of school, such as exam weeks. Overall there are many factors that affect students attending the games, but armed with the information found in this study, schools could find many ways to maximize their profit from basketball games.

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