Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Advice

Be sure to dedicate a lot of time towards this project and to start right away, it takes longer than than you may think.
It would be helpful for you to get your survey out first so people wont turn down your survey because they did a few already.
Input your survey data as soon as you get responses, if you collect all surveys and then try to input the data it will take a very long time and it is quite boring.
Be sure to save your work often, you dont want to have to put in data multiple times just because of a technical error.
Number the surveys, both on the survey and in the computer, when you are putting them into the computer so you can go back to that survey if there was a mistake.

An interesting topic might be how the money Kalamazoo college receives is distributed amongst students, in the form of grants or scholarships, and facilities.

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