Monday, March 5, 2012

Men's Basketball at K

According to a new study detailing attendance at Kalamazoo College men's basketball games, the average student was not interested in attending due to other priorities or a general lack of interest. The study sought to determine what caused students to attend or not attend games and in turn what could be done to increase attendance. Using a 5 point scale to determine the extent of possible conflicts with basketball games showed that there was an average of 2.85 for conflicts, meaning that time conflicts were often a reason that students could not make a game.

Based off of this data, Kalamazoo College has a multitude of options to pursue. The college could attempt to draw larger crowds through promotions for the rivalry games, as the rivalry games were shown to be the most attended and attracted the most people. They could also change the game times as the current time has created problems for students that cause them to oftentimes miss games. Most of the changes that could occur would have to be predicated on the success of the men's basketball team, as that was found to be an important factor in attendance. If the team is successful, ticket prices could be raised in order to achieve more profit. More food could be provided in the concessions line and more money could be made off of it as well. By adapting to the schedule of the students at Kalamazoo College, more attendance could be provided for these games.

*This study featured a 3.1% response rate, equaling out to 41 of 1340 students.

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