Monday, March 5, 2012

Life After K

Have you ever wondered how long you had to look to get a job after K? Have you been on the fence about going to  grad school? Ever wondered how much a K grad earned? Well in our survey that we conducted we found that the average salary of a Kalamazoo College graduate is $208,044.00.  Since the majority of surveys out there use the median when reporting salary data the median salary was $120,000.00.  

As far as graduate school goes our data did not show statistically significant evidence that one who goes to graduate school will go on to earn more.  However, with that being said our survey did show that people who go to graduate school will indeed find work quicker than one who doesn't go.  66.67% of our sample went to grad school while the other third did not.  Even though graduate school helps a lot with the timeliness of getting a job the longest it took anyone to find a job was 7 months.  The average time it took our sample to find work is 2.47 months.  The majority of the alumni who went to grad school reported having no trouble finding work and were hired immediately.  

Something else that we found interesting about the results of our survey is that one's starting salary won't determine your final salary.  Most respondents all reported having rather low starting salaries and even adjusted for inflation they were still rather low.  However, after working for awhile your salary is sure to increase.  One thing that is important to people is to be able to take pleasure in their work.  On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst 10 being the best), on average Kalamazoo graduates have an 8.19 satisfaction rating with their work.  

*This survey features 21 respondents out of 34 recipients leaving us with a 61.7% response rate.

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