Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Strong Signs of Life for the Job Market

Author: Aaron Smith and Blake Ellis

Title: Strong Signs of Life for the Job Market

Publication: CNNMoney

Date: January 5, 2011



1. 1. The study was done by ADP (A global provider of integrated computing and business outsourcing).

2. 2. ADP sponsored the study.

3. 3. No. This company specializes in providing accurate reports of this type for many companies as well as the government and therefore they do not have an interest in finding a particular result.

4. 4. The company looks to have gotten their data from small, medium and large companies as well as from different types of industries in an attempt to cover the entire job market. It collects its data by measuring the number of employees on payrolls at a given time. ADP seasonally adjusts for changes in the way employers keep former workers on their payrolls therefore the article also considers the possibility of this rise in employment to be due to seasonal factors.

5. 5. The results are clear and informative.

6. 6. No graphs.

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