Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blog Assignment 2

US Productivity

1.) There are several different people and groups who would be interested in US Productivity in the business and economic world. For one, the government would take a look at how productive domestic businesses have been. People and workers within those businesses would also be interested in those statistics. Other businesses around the world would also be interested to see how they match up with some of the leading American businesses.

2.) US Productivity is normally collected by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Depending on what the specific stat is and how US productivity is measured, it can be calculated on a monthly basis, but s normally calculated on an annual basis.

3.) In regards to the import and export prices, imports went up 1.1% in December and 4.8% in 2010. Export prices went up 0.7% in December and 6.5% in 2010.


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