Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Assignment #1

Chinese characters top student survey of cultural symbols

By Fiona Tam, EDT4, 2011-01-05, South China Morning Post^201101050270027(S:83059936)&menu-id=&on-what=selected&from-list&display-style=all&tooldisplay=true

1. Professors from Beijing Normal University

2. Sponsor was not disclosed, but I do think the Chinese government sponsored the University so that the government had influence on the research.

3. It was pointed out by academics that "dragon" and "kung fu" could have been omitted because Beijing wanted to build a peaceful image. So the government could have wanted to find a representative yet non-combative symbol.

4.Yes, 2000 mainland university students were surveyed.

5. The results were not communicated in a clear informative manner, since the list that the students could choose from was not disclosed, there was a large possibility that the survey was biased.

6. No, graphs were not used.

By Wendy Tam

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