Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blog assignment #1

Tile: Public Stories of the Decade - 9/11 and Katrina
1. The study was performed by the Pew Research Center.
2. The study was sponsored by Pew Research Center.
The study was conducted to find what drew the most public interest than any other story in the past decade. The study finds that the September 11th attacks on the United States topped the list with 78% of people following the attack one month prior to the attack. The sponsor is interested in finding the results and reasons of why the attacks drew the most public interest but also relates to other high public interested stories of the past decade that didn’t surpass the 9/11 attacks. For example Hurricane Katrina came second to most public interest in the past decade, which the sponsor feel that the public as a whole was more effected through the rise in gas prices which in turn would draw more public interest. The sponsor gave interest into the factors that would contribute to the percentage of public interest of different stories from the past decade.
The information on methodology included the measuring of news interest monthly from 2001-2006 and weakly from 2007- 2010. The sponsor asked about public attention to six top new stories each week (names not given).
The results are communicated in a clear informative manner which includes a list and percentage of most publicly interested stories.
The graph is used in a clear informative manner showing the results of the study.

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