Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blog Assignment #1

Dalia Sussman, "Most Americans Support Tax Deal, Polls Say", The New York Times, Dec 13, 2010

1. ABC News and the Washington Post conducted the survey as well as Pew Research Center.
2. The research was probably sponsored by each individual News producer or research center although this was undisclosed.
3. Chances are the sponsors of these surveys didn't have an interest in finding a particular result unless all three of them had the same political motives which is unlikely.
4. The polls were conducted using a nationwide random sampling method. The ABC News/Washington Post poll included 1,001 adults and the Pew poll included 1,011 adults. Democrats, republicans, and independents were all included in the sample.
5. The results are communicated in a fairly straightforward and informative manner. The article summarizes the poll well early on and then moves on to include information about specific questions and their responses. Overall it was very informative.
6. There are no graphs or figures included in this article.

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