Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Students Are Less than Impressed With Weight Room

There is no denying the fact that students have been known to classify Anderson Athletic Center and its facilities as "outdated" and in need of renovation. To see how many students actually felt this way my partner and I decided to survey the users of the Kalamazoo College weight room to find out how satisfied/unsatisfied the students are. When the survey was all tallied up and finished, it was found that on average students were unsatisfied with Kalamazoo’s current situation. On a simple scale of 1-5 the average rating was a 2.2. The following question was also very important and related to the overall satisfaction. We asked if the student would be willing to slightly increase tuition in order to renovate and renew the current weight room. This question was also measured on a scale of 1-5 and had an average rating of 3.4. So according to the data, the average student is unsatisfied with the Kalamazoo College weight room and is pretty willing to slightly increase tuition in order to make renovations.

Of course we found more than just the satisfaction and willingness to increase tuition in our survey. Of those who participated, we found that more men use the weight room than women, but not by any extreme amount. 64% of the participants were men, compared to 36% for women. It was also found that sophomores use the weight room most, with 32% of those surveyed being in their second year here at Kalamazoo. Freshmen were a close second with 30%, followed by seniors at 22% and finally juniors at 15%. Out of all the available machines/weights in the weight room, a majority of 60% use free weights, as opposed to cardio or auxiliary machines. Perhaps the most interesting finding we found was that 95% of those surveyed were high school athletes.

I would hope that these findings are helpful to the athletic department in the case of making decisions regarding renovating the weight room or not.

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