Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Workout Facility Is Wanted by Students!

My partner and I surveyed fellow students at Kalamazoo College in all six dorms, plus other juniors and seniors and came to the conclusion that a new workout facility is wanted / needed on campus. It was determined by the 20 questions that were part of our survey that students here have several issues with our workout facilities. Overcrowded and equipment shortages were the most popular complaint that we received. This meant buying new workout machines, for a greater supply, and building another gymnasium for more room. It seems that bigger colleges have a workout room for athletes and a workout room for non-athletes because things seem to be overcrowded and intimidating. The other workout room/gymnasium would be used for a wide variety of things, from an indoor track being built to a rock climbing wall, all things would be considered. We used multiple regressions to test t-values to see if any correlation could be found from our questions. It turns out that the number of meals eaten in the cafeteria is statistically significant with the number of times the gym was attended a week. This makes perfect sense because if people are unable to eat healthy in the cafeteria, they will attend the gym more to work out. Our findings concluded that students really do want a new gym, mostly to expand out of our little gymnasium so more activities can be done. I hope that Kalamazoo College seriously reads our survey and will take action and perhaps do something to help ease the tension of exercise here at K.

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