Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Study Finds That Students Who Sleep Less, Watch More Television

A recent survey done at Kalamazoo College found that students who sleep less watch more television. A few possible conclusions regarding this finding have caused concern among members of the college community.

One possible conclusion is that students watch television as they try to sleep and as a result are unable to sleep. They therefore report sleeping less the next morning. There have been recent health studies whose findings support this theory as they indicate that the television on while trying to sleep may hurt your ability to sleep. Another potential conclusion may be that those who wouldn’t normally be sleeping are choosing to watch television rather than to read, do homework or browse the Internet. Both of these potential conclusions could have serious impact on the health of K college students as sleep is a vital and necessary function.

The study was conducted by a pair of Kalamazoo College students hoping to learn more about the television watching habits of students on campus. The pair who conducted the survey sampled upperclassmen at Kalamazoo College. In addition to this finding, the pair also discovered that Kalamazoo students are watching a lot of their shows online at websites such as Hulu. Nearly 45% of students surveyed at Kalamazoo College reported watching some television online in the past week.

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