Friday, June 4, 2010

Sound Advice for Research Project

For those students enrolling in Business Statistics, I would mainly advise to put as much effort in as possible—as the project is graded according to the amount of effort. This includes both doing the initial assignments as thoroughly as possible as they will come in useful later on, and spreading out the workload with the allotted time. Those taking this class should always be working toward the next step of the project. Don’t take a break during the midterm week; it’s very difficult to catch up. And as I was told and you will be, try not to procrastinate. This is very important because adding as much detail and effort in as possible will positively affect your grade. I would also suggest choosing a large population for your project, and also I would advise to find appropriate sources, as they will come in useful toward the end of the project. Have fun, and work hard.

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