Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kalamazoo College, Party Central?

Kalamazoo College has this stigma, both from K students and students who know about K, that it is a boring, studying obsessed, no party zone. Our study aimed to see if this was true, and whether or not Kalamazoo College is more of a social college than people think. Essentially we aimed to see how social current on campus students viewed themselves and the rest of the college, as well as how much they partied over a quarter. We discovered that Kalamazoo College students party an average of 6 times a quarter, and that Kalamazoo College students are a lot more social than they think. On average Kalamazoo College students view themselves 2.7 points more social (on a ten point scale) then the rest of the college. This means that the average Kalamazoo College student believes that they are more social than the rest of the college (It's statistically significant too!) Now one important thing to notice here, is that when surveyed, it turns out that there is a very strong connection between how social you think you are and how much you party, at least at K that is true.

So that means, since we think that we are more social, we party more. Not only that, K students spend the same amount on beer as the national average for beer spending. To me, all of this means that K students, party as much, are actually more social than we think, and drink just as much as any other college out there. So Kalamazoo College might actually be less nerdy than people think.

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