Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is your drink served with a smile?

K-College Students will drink anything if it comes with a smile – Biggby drinks that is. According to a survey study done by two students of Dr. Charles Stull’s Business Statistics class, the amount of money spent and frequency of purchasing coffee at Biggby Coffee are most directly related to the customer’s feeling of friendliness from the Biggby staff. In other words, if their drink isn’t served with a smile, it might be safe to say that the student will not return for another beverage.

Even though the survey only found the average number of times a student visits Biggby per week to be approximately 2, and the average weekly spending to be approximately $5, other analytical tools show statistical significance that friendliness has a powerful effect on these variables.
So if you work in the food service industry, make sure you're serving your product with a smile, that may be all it takes for good fortune to come your way.

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