Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Atheltic Facilities Survey

Conducted on Kalamazoo's campus, a random survey was given to a randomly selected number of students living in the dorms. The survey was necessary to inquire about the overall feelings towards Anderson, Kalamazoo's workout facility. The widespread feelings in relation to Anderson were unhappy ones. The majority of students claim that there is rarely enough room. An indoor track was overwhelmingly the most requested of new equipment, along with treadmills (making up more than 45% of the total responses), more free weights, and separate rooms for more individualized workouts.
This research was conducted through the idea of being able to give to student commissions in order to fight for what the students want and more importantly need. After research prior to the survey and thorough analysis of the data after the survey was conducted it was shown that there was a correlation between the number of times that students ate in the cafeteria with how often that student attends the gym. There are some overlying conditions that could affect this outcome such as those who were surveyed are on campus and therefore more likely to use the gym as opposed to those who are not on campus. Also freshmen and sophomores, if not living in a Living Learning House Unit (LLHU), are required to have a meal plan and consequently will use it. Other findings were reported such as there is a need for a larger weight room in order for women to feel comfortable enough to work out.
The goal of this research was to prove to the school that there is a greater need for an updated weight room. It is a necessity that the students of Kalamazoo College feel is going to be beneficial for their health, academics, and personal lives. It is important for K College to respect these goals of their students and to take the plans for the new Anderson and workout facilities into action.

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