Thursday, June 3, 2010

Advice for Future Researchers

The Business Stats research project IS as much work as Chuck says it is. When he says you will be working on it for 40-50 hours, he means you will be working on it for 40-50 hours. You are probably used to spending a lot less time studying or working on a project than your teacher says you need to, but simply completing the project takes a very long time. Making it matter and look good take even more time. Massive chunks of time aren't always around when you need them, especially not towards the end of the quarter. You should start early, and if you finish early, you will feel awesome. My partner and I finished a lot of our work in the final few days preceding the due date, and it was hellish.

Once your survey is fully completed, and Chuck gives you the go-ahead, I would suggest handing them out. Getting the data back early would have made our project go a lot more smoothly. There is practically no work you can do without having your data, and getting it is one of the more tedious aspects of the project.

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