Monday, May 31, 2010

Beverage Consumption at Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo- After nine weeks of researching, surveying, and analyzing data, the results concerning beverage consumption among college students are complete. The research was focused on the beverage consumption at Kalamazoo College. A finding likely to be interesting to the two beverage institutions on campus is the fact that among students and staff Biggby was frequented more often than Jazzman's was. It can not be said for certain that this was because Biggby's was rated higher than Jazzman's, but a few possible conclusions could be because of Biggby's location, or the name brand recognition. Among those students and staff that frequented Biggby, a larger percentage were female rather than male. This could be because males don't drink as much coffee as females or don't like Biggby's coffee as much as females do. Those that go to Biggby are most likely to be students or staff with high family incomes. This is possibly because of the high price of Biggby's drinks and there being a cheaper alternative (Jazzman's) not far from Biggby. One other finding that has relevance to the college, particularly to the company supplying the food in the cafeteria (Sodexo), is the fact that homemade coffee is preferred more than the coffee made in the cafeteria. Most likely it is because the coffee supplied in the cafeteria is thought to be lower in quality and taste than homemade coffee. Without getting too technical I thought I would give some numbers for the above conclusions in order to give the readers a more numerical context of the above claims. It was found that students and staff combined went to Biggby's one hundred twenty three times during the week and only 108 times to Jazzman's. Among those who frequented Biggby's 37 were female and 16 were male meaning that 70% were female and only 30% were male. On a scale of 1-5 the average rating for coffee made at home was 3.44 and the average rating for cafeteria coffee was 1.74. It is my hope that Sodexo will take into consideration these findings and consider improving the quality of their coffee.

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