Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A survey conducted by Kalamazoo College students Dane Macdonnel and Jared Georgakopoulos revealed information for Gazelle Sports. Through surveying the local Kalamazoo area soccer players the responses show Adidas is heavily favored in equipment for soccer. Adidas beats out Nike and other competitors in the survey for favorite brand of soccer and primary pair of soccer shoes. They also found information regarding people’s preferences when shopping.

The most popular brand for kids to wear and shoes to wear were Adidas. They found Adidas to dominate the market with 54% of the population wearing Adidas brand soccer equipment and 54% for Adidas soccer shoes. Adidas offers many colors for soccer players and a wide variety of comfortable soccer cleats. If Nike wishes to catch Adidas they need to change the type of shoes they are producing. Nike may want to try and produce some of the type of shoes Adidas has with soft Kangaroo leather.

The survey also measured many other variables affecting soccer shopping done by people. They found trying on shoes is very important to people when deciding which shoe they want to buy. However a lot of people like to buy online than going to retail to buy their shoes. Online shopping combats trying on shoes for people buy paying for their shipping back and sending a new pair. This competition will be difficult for Gazelles to combat because of the limited selection they have and online prices.

Also, soccer players in the Kalamazoo area buy several other accessories with their shoes. The most popular accessory is leather care for their boots. This helps keep the leather soft and comfortable for the players, preventing blisters from forming over the course of running. Many soccer players tend to buy drawstring back packs to carry their shoes and some other small items such as water to soccer practice. Though Dane and Jared have researched all of these variables for soccer players and their spending habits, there seems to be no relation between the spending habits of people and preferences. Every individual seems to be different in their preferences but one thing is for sure, Kalamazoo wears Adidas.

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