Friday, June 4, 2010

Future Student Advice

Making the statistics project not only manageable, but enjoyable is not too difficult if you make sure to take each step carefully and with an eye for the future. Begin by picking a topic you think you will enjoy. This will inevitably make your project more interesting and will provide motivation to go above and beyond future requirements. When forming your survey also spend a substantial amount of time thinking about the regressions you will have to complete. That not only includes what factors you want in the regression but also who will be answering those questions. My partner and I did a project regarding the K Plan and ended up with over 100 respondents; however very few of those were seniors. This made any regression dealing with Senior Individualized Projects next to impossible to complete with any significance.

As many have already mentioned, you will want to start handing out surveys early and inputing data as soon as you get it. Once that section is complete, begin doing the initial descriptive statistics right away. This work is fairly easy but doing it early will save time down the stretch. The last suggestion I have is to always try to double the recommended number of tests/regressions. Doing that should give you a more in-depth project and hopefully a better grade.

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