Thursday, June 3, 2010

Advice for Students

Future business statistics students, don't be fooled. The research project is difficult, time consuming, and tedious. The biggest advice I would give is to start early, way early. Go see Professor Stull often with questions, do what you can when you can. Also pick a good partner. Luckily I had a good partner so there was no trouble for me, but I know of other pairs that did not go well together. I spent 10.5 hours working on this project the day before it was due, and it was really awful. Finding people to survey is difficult too. You must understand that in general people are jerks, they don't want to help you even if it would only take a few minutes out of their day. If there is no accountability people will just ignore you. This makes choosing a purely random sample very difficult. So it might just be better to choose a not so random sample like a whole floor of a dorm so you can talk to people face to face. However if you want to go above and beyond by choosing a really random sample start contacting people early, and be persistent. They will eventually do what you want. I wish any future students doing this project good luck, because their going to need it.

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