Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kalamazoo College Cafeteria and Surrounding Restaurants

According to a recent random study of Kalamazoo College students, 98% of the students agree that they should be able to take their food out of the cafeteria. Some claim that their schedules are not accommodated by the cafeteria hours; others, that we pay for the food, so why can't we take it out; and still more, that we would like to have a late night snack. Of the small hand full of students who agreed with the cafeteria on not allowing students to take food with them out of the cafeteria, they were unanimous in that they feared that their cafeteria plans would cost more than the high prices that they pay now.
Further, students who responded to this survey ate out (at restaurants) an average of 1.59 times per week. Of the people who eat out, 58.3% choose to have dinner outside of the cafeteria, followed by lunch with 28.7%, and breakfast with 7.0%. Students chose to eat out at over 50 restaurants in Kalamazoo, Jimmy John's and Taco Bell receiving the highest amount of K students. In conclusion, these are some of the main results about the Kalamazoo College cafeteria and surrounding restaurants.

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