Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Party Habits at K differ between Genders

The purpose of this project was to see if Kalamazoo College students would be interested in a discotheque. The survey investigated consumer demands for beverages, ambiance and the willingness to buy quality goods. What was found was that the attractions at a typical house party were different between males and females. The data that was collected showed that the majority of females go to parties to socialize where as the most popular category males selected was to drink. Further analysis proved that there was statistical significance between females and males attending parties to socialize. Figure 1 is a graph that represents the partying habits.

Other findings were that the average K student attends six parties in eight weeks; will spend an average of $11.42 a week on alcohol but only $5.35 at a typical house party.

One result which would have been interesting was how 57% of the people surveyed responded that they would be willing to pay more for higher quality alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately a hypothesis test was not carried out for this statistic and therefore one cannot say that there is a statistical significance between the two categories.

To conclude, the Kalamazoo College social life seems in need for a higher quality venue on the week ends.

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