Thursday, June 3, 2010

Advice for the Future

The best advice I can give students who are going to be doing this research project is to always give yourself more time than you think when doing each of the individual sections of the project and too much time for the paper at the end. Doing each step of the project a day or two before it was due definitely added stress to the project. The second thing is to choose a medium sample size. Small is not as credible and large is a substantial amount of tedious work when entering data into Excel. It was hard, but doable, for my partner and I to keep everything in order with so many surveys. Lastly, pick a topic with ample research available online. This was the hardest part for us, trying to find previous studies on our proposal, which took time scavenging through Google looking for anything that resembled our study. Following those three things will help ease the stress of the project as a whole.

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