Friday, June 4, 2010

Advice to Future Students of Business Statistics

My first piece of advice to future students would be to work with a partner. It can be tricky at times coordinating schedules, but the benefits of having someone to share the workload with is an enormous relief, and also allows you to broaden the scope of your project if you so wish.
That leads into my second piece of advice, which is to always go above and beyond the requirements. This will allow you to have better final results and also feel better about the end project than if you had just done the bare minimum.
Third piece of advice is that if you are wanting to go above and beyond then my advice is to start early. Though you have almost all quarter to do the project, it is not something you can finish in one night. It takes a lot of time if you want a thoroughly researched and polished project. Make sure you organize yourself and plan out when you are going to do certain tasks such as create the survey, pass out the survey etc. My final piece of advice for next years students of business statistics is to pick a topic you find interesting. That was something that helped me when I was getting tired of doing all the work. I was genuinely interested in the results of the topic I had chosen and that helped motivate me until the end. Good luck next year!

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