Thursday, June 3, 2010

Research survey for dummies

When considering what subject or information you want to perform a research survey about, choose something that really interests you. If you don't have an interest in the results or about what you are surveying it will be a lot harder to form questions for and to find motivation to collect the data. Some other things to consider are:
- Ask simple questions people know
- Make your survey as simple as possible because believe it or not people will screw up a questions such as gender
- Make sure you collect from enough people with no bias to get true results
- If doing something with school make sure you have whether student athletes or possy or other groups
- If doing outside of College students have where they are from
- If you are conducting a survey with a business, make sure you cover questions they want answered and try to have them provide an incentive for the participants
- Provide an incentive for students to have participants take the survey will provide better answers
Following some of these for your survey will provide better data and an easier process of interpreting the data you collected.

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