Friday, June 4, 2010

Project Review and Advice!

Because of this project, I have become much more aware of how difficult it is to design and distribute surveys. The wording, design of the survey and the way you give them out are all very tedious processes that take a long time. Whenever I thought of surveys before actually designing my own, I thought them bothersome, but after seeing the results of our project I am more likely to do surveys if I have the time.

If I could do this project over, I would have started writing the paper much earlier. Our research was all completed in a timely manner, but when it came down to the last couple days, our 17 page paper seemed almost impossible to complete. I would have collected the data faster so we had more time to actually write out our results.

My advice to future students taking this class would be to give out way more surveys than you think you need because our response rate was about 12 percent. A lot of college students are too busy to be bothered by surveys so they ignore them.

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