Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Males Dominate Anderson Weight Room, But Both Men and Women Show Dissatisfaction with Current Facilities

With a recent study taken by students of Kalamazoo College, there is statistical evidence suggesting the dissatisfaction of users of the Anderson weight room, and also a dominance of males present in the facilities. Through random sample surveying, using systematic methodology students of K College found with statistical significance that men occupy the weight room more then women. Most will find this unsurprising with conceptions of male dominated fitness facilities and gyms throughout campuses, and especially with programs that allow Kalamazoo women who would prefer to use the facilities with a women-only environment. “Women in the Weight Room” is a woman-centered approach to physical fitness and physical health… By providing a women-only workout environment and information tailored to the specific needs of women’s bodies…”[1] In this particular survey, the students found that out those who took the survey 64% were male, and 36% were female.

Also, with the survey, students found that there was statistical evidence of dissatisfaction with those who used the weight room in Anderson, and there was no indication of gender differences either. As new plans for renovation are still in the air, it’s not surprising that these students found dissatisfaction, as the plans call for new equipment, new location, and other specifics. The study showed with 90% confidence, that users are not satisfied with the current fitness facilities in Anderson. So, with these new plans for facilities, this finding comes at no surprise.


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