Sunday, January 13, 2013

Record-Low 26% in U.S. Favor Handgun Ban

Support for stricter gun laws in general is lowest Gallup has measured
By Jeffrey M. Jones
October, 26, 2011

1. This study was conducted by Jeffrey Jones and associate Lydia Saad.

2. This survey was sponsored by Gallup News Service, Gallup Social Series: Crime.

3. It is unlikely that this survey was conducted with any sort of bias.

4. The information on methodology is included at the bottom of this article. There is also a PDF available for download for those who are more interested in the legitimacy of the study.

5. The results are very clear. The questions in the survey were also worded differently for those who were confused in the meaning on the original question.

6. All of the results of the questions asked in the survey are represented in graphs. The supplemental includes the numerical data for each question.

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