Sunday, January 13, 2013

American Universities with a downturn

Andrew Martin
Down Turn Still Squeezes Colleges and Universities
New York Times, Business Day

1. The survey was done by Moody's Investors service. 

2. It is undisclosed about if there were investors in the survey or if moody's provided the funds themselves.

3. Yes, I believe that if there is a sponsor they would like to know the relations of graduates and why so many students graduating from high school are not going to college. 

4. The methodology is widely talked about within the article. The author gives descriptive information about what types of colleges were targeted. 

5. Yes, the results were communicated very well. It shows that from the survey students are having tougher times in the economy and that less and less students are going to college because of the prices. 

6. There is one graph and it is nicely placed on the side of the article, is referenced and shows clearly that colleges expect less enrollment rates. 

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