Monday, January 14, 2013

Electric Cars Don't Meet Expectations

Bryce Pearson
January 14, 2013

1.     It is not said specifically who the sample is but the article says the “U.S consumers” or “respondents” but then also specifies by using words like “Globally” and “around the world” so I think the survey was done wherever electric cars can be sold.

2.     Professional services firm, Deloitte conducted this survey.

3.     I did a Google search on Deloitte to figure out if they would have any motive for conducting this survey and was still a little confused about what it is that Deloitte does. I found this part of information on a website about Deloitte, “The U.S. firm offers global, integrated solutions to a who’s-who list of satisfied clients. Combining insight and innovation from multiple disciplines and industries, we help great organizations excel, no matter where they are in the world.” Perhaps Deloitte is just testing client satisfaction with this survey.

4.     The sample is very unclear in this article; the only information is that these people were consumers old enough to want to buy an electric car and who had high expectations for electric car companies. Whether there was a control group was also unclear because I am unsure whether or not they surveyed people who do not want electric cars.

5.     This article was clear about the information they did give, however it is the information about the sample that made it hard to understand.

6.     No graphs were used but I am not sure that any were needed for this information.

Author unknown
Title of Article-Survey Says Electric Cars Don't Meet Expectations of Customers
Published October 05, 2011

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