Sunday, January 13, 2013

Many Surgeons with Drinking Problems

1. Archives of Surgery, a journal published by the American Medical Association, conducted this survey.
2. It is unclear within the article as to who sponsored the research. However, one could infer that its publisher, the AMA, sponsored this survey.
3. This research identifies a major problem that could cause the AMA to take action in resolving and possibly preventing this issue among surgeons.
4. Information regarding the sample size of randomly selected surgeons is included in the article.
5. The results are presented clearly. However, there is a sense of bias from several independent sources that a larger amount of surgeons may have alcohol related problems from this group sample. Furthermore, within the sample of 25,000 surgeons only 7,200 completed the survey.
6. There aren't any graphs representing the data.

Ethan A. Huff
"Surgeons twice as likely as general population to be alcoholics, survey finds"
April 07, 2012

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