Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cost of Renovating A Large Kitchen

Cooking in the Bayou
Katy McLaughlin
The Wall Street Journal
January 11, 2013

1. The journalist contacted a New Orleans-based construction company to estimate the cost of creating a kitchen like the one she was discussing in her article. The company then analyzed pictures of the kitchen in question and other similar projects to come up with estimated costs of each component of construction and a total cost.

2. The research was done by the vice president of Landis Construction.

3. The vice president of the construction company would definitely have an interest in the topic of renovation costs. The kitchen in the article was very professionally done and would be an excellent model for any future renovations. Also getting an accurate cost would be a good determinate of whether or not the company could handle a project of that magnitude.

4. There is no methodology given to explain how the results were given, except that there were a certain amount of photographs and blueprints analyzed.

5. The results are quite clearly laid out. The prices of each component of the renovation are given a large dollar amount in a list with the total given at the bottom.

6.The graph given is very simple list with the category and price easily seen.

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