Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Reason for Economic Optimism?

The Economist: Has the ideas machine broken down?
Author Unlisted
Jan 12th 2013

1. The article cited several sources of statistics including: the University of Chicago, University of Groningen and the OECD.  

2. The sponsors of the research were undisclosed.

3. Given that there were several different studies reported, it is unlikely that the report of the data was swayed by hopes of a particular result. However, selective reporting of the data could have made for a more interesting piece, so the data should be analyzed with skepticism.   

4. The methodology was not given.

5. The results were reported clearly and coupled well with the article's text. 

6. The graphs were the main component of the statistics and were reported effectively, logically fitting within the varying points of the article. 

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