Sunday, January 13, 2013

45% of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas

Melissa Acosta
Business Statistics
January 10, 2013

1.    Think Finance surveyed 1,000 Americans across all income levels who use various forms of alternative financial services — including payday loans, prepaid debit cards and direct deposit advances.
2.    Think Finance, a provider of payday loans and other financial services for consumers with limited or no access to banking services.
3.    Think Finance makes money off people needing loans or other financial support services so finding out how the holiday season is going to affect people negatively, is a good indicator in seeing how their business will do during that time and years to come. They would definitely be interested in conducting these surveys.
4.    The sample size is included and how they chose to pick their sample people. However, I do not see a control group in this study due to the fact that everyone they surveyed obviously needed financial help this holiday season which makes their results a little biased. The title of the article is also a bit misleading because the sample group used does not represent all the American population.
5.    The information was clear for the most part but I think some parts could have been explained better. There was a lot going on in this article that could have perhaps been either cut out or limited, too many results causes confusion.
6.    There were no graphs used in this article which I think was a mistake. Graphs are easily read by people who need visuals.

Author: Christina Cheddar Berk , CNBC

Publication Title: NBC Business

Date: November 21, 2012

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