Monday, January 14, 2013

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Alex Dietrich 
Business Statistics

     1. The researches surveyed and plotted 122 countries based on their response to the Gallup World Poll on each nation's well-being against GDP per capita.

     2. The sponsors of the research were undisclosed.

     3. By examining the content and results of the graphs, the sponsor of this study could be trying to show the relationship between economic growth and how it may have a strong correlation to raised happiness within a country to a certain degree. 

     4. Yes, methodology information was given on sample size of the countries being surveyed. 

     5. The results are clearly stated and help the author state a strong case for his opinion on why a country's  well-being can be effected by stable economic growth

     6. The graphs were extremely vital in emphasizing specific areas in the article; such as how the economic growth within Europe had an effect on the countries well-being. 

     Author: Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

     Article Title: Yes, Money Does Buy Happiness: 6 Lessons from the Newest Research on Income and Well-Being

     Date: January 10, 2013

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