Monday, January 14, 2013

Digital Reading on the Rise for Children

1. 1,074 children, and their parents, making a total of 2,148 total surveyed.

2. The sponsor of this study was Scholastic Inc., a publishing company.

3. Scholastic absolutely has an interest in the results of this poll. As a publishing company, they need to know how to prepare for the future, which at the moment seems to be a shift towards e-reading.

4. All that the article state is that the survey was conducted from "Aug. 29 to Sept. 10, 2012, was based on a sample of 1,074 children and their parents: 2,148 respondents in total." That is all that is written about the methodology. 

5. The article states quite clearly the results of their research. 

6. There were no graphs used in this article. All of the findings were stated in the text of. 

Author: Leslie Kaufman
Title: Digital Reading on the Rise for Children
Publication date: January 13, 2013

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