Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog Assignment #1

Steven Greenhouse. Most U.S. Union Members Are Working for the Government, New Data Shows. The New York Times. January 22, 2010.
  1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics
  2. There is no other sponsor mentioned other than the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  3. The bureau looked to undercut the long-standing notion that union members are overwhelmingly blue-collar factory workers. "There has been steady growth among union members in the public sector, but I'm a little bit shocked to see that the lines have actually crossed," said Randel K. Johnson, senior vice president for labor at the United States Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Yes, the data on union membership was collected as part of the Current Population Survey. The CPS is a monthly sample survey of about 60,000 households that obtains information on employment and unemployment among the nation's civilian non-institutional population age 16 and over.
  5. Yes, the results were all presented by a percentage accompanied by the year they were taken down, which made it very simple to follow all the results the article provided. By doing this, it was easier for the writer of the article to compare the results from year to year, which in turn made it easier for the reader to absorb all the data because it was in a clear-cut presentation.
  6. There were no graphs incorporated in this article.

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