Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Case Shiller Index

The Case Shiller Index is a quarterly measurement of single family housing values.

1) Real Estate investors, home buyers, and companies looking to relocate employees would probably pay close attention to this report.

2) The statistic is actually split in to four different reports; a national home index, a 20 city composite index, a 10 city composite index, and twenty individual metro area indices. The homes that are taken into consideration are all relatively the same size and have already changed ownership - they want to see what people will pay for the same home overtime - it excludes new homes, condos, and drastically remodeled homes.

3) The index was set at 100 in 2000 and from then on it grew to 188 in 2006 - the housing bubble popped - and has been in a steady decrease since. The current measurement is 145.

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