Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog 1: Statistical Reporting

1. The National Institute on Drug Abuse
2. The sponsor is not specifically stated, but since it is a national institute I would assume it received a fair amount of federal sponsorship.
3. The sponsor of the study would definitely have an interest in finding a particular result- this information is an assessment on the prevalence of drug abuse int he United States and can therefore measure the effectiveness of anti-drug campaigns, as well as target problem demographics.
4. Yes the methodology is included- they used surveys in order to gather information. The sample was given nationwide to high school students, so while this is a good measure of drug use in youth ages 13-18, it does not necessarily represent the greater population.
5. Yes the results are given in a clear manner, presented with a subset of trends for each drug.
6.There were no graphs in this survey.

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