Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Porsche Tops in Dependability Study, Cheryl Jensen, New York Times, 3/18/10

1. J.D. Power and Associates conducted a study on the dependability of different car models.

2. J.D. Power and Associates.

3. J.D. Power and Associates conducts studies in many different categories and does not have issues with bias or searching for certain results.

4. J. D. Power’s dependability study measures the problems experienced by the original owners of three-year-old vehicles and includes 198 different problem areas. The rankings then are determined by the number of problems per 100 vehicles. The study was based on responses from more than 52,000 owners.

5. The results are presented clearly and explains the number of problems for each car and takes into account the industry average from previous years and this year.

6. There are no graphs presented in this article.

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