Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Auto Sales

This is the research I found on my topic, Auto Sales.

1. Many people would be interested in this statistic because, if auto sales are increasing, then the economy is doing well. The general population, along with automotive companies, companies who supply parts to automotive companies and the government are very interested to see how high auto sales are compared to last month / year.

2. This statistic is collected by combining the amount of money collected every month from each auto sale. I particularly looked at United States auto sales to see how companies like GM and Ford are doing, since they are founded in the US. Every month the number of sales is recorded and examined by many analysts, especially now to see how we are doing coming out of this economic recession.

3. Our SAAR (Seasonal Adjusted Annual Rate) for auto sales was $11.7 million in March. This is about the same level as it was in September of 2008, when within the next month, auto sales plummeted due to the recession. However, we achieved $11.7 million in sales last December 2009, so we are not really advancing forward. Analysts would love to see us break the $12 million mark because this would mean that we would be above September 2008's average, which would be sending us in the right direction.

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