Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Imports of Goods and Services

The Imports of Goods and Services statistic is the value of goods/services (in USD) that are imported to the US from another country.

1. Among those who would be interested in this number are politicians, macroeconomists and executives of large corporations who are involved in the import/export process.

2. This statistic is collected via a census by the U.S. Census Bureau, specifically the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. It is collected once a month.

3. The total value for imports in January 2010 was $180 billion. In December of 2009 the total value of imports was $183.1 billion.
January 2009: $160.9 billion
January 2008: $206.4 billion
January 2007: $185.8 billion
This number is typically used in comparison with other numbers such as: value of total exports, value of service imports, value of good imports and value of deficit (in the case of the US) between exports and imports)

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