Monday, April 5, 2010

Civilian Labor Force in Michigan

1. Michigan residents, politicians, and people looking for a job would be interested in the information from this statistic.
2. This statistic is collected by the Bureau of Labor which is by the government. This statistic is collected monthly. These statistics are adjusted because politicians need to know how many people are employed and unemployed. It matters a great extent how many people are in the labor force because these statistics affect the economy greatly.
3. The civilian labor force in Michigan is 4,844.2 in February 2010. Since this data is collected monthly, we can compare previous months. In January the civilian labor force in Michigan was 4,839.6. These numbers show how the work force is growing slowly as the economy is getting better. The civilian labor force is made up of the population who is over 16 and people are not in the military or institutions such as prison. The unemployment rate comes from this number and it is the percentage of people who are not actively seeking employment.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Local Area Unemployment Statistics Information and Analysis

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