Sunday, April 4, 2010

Motor Vehicle Fatalities in the United States and MI

1 1 1. Motor vehicle manufacturers, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), parents, and psychologists would be interested in the motor vehicle fatality statistics. The manufacturers and the DMV would want to know these statistics because they would be able to better understand which vehicles needed to become safer and which roads could need to have regulations changed, respectively. Parents and psychologists would want to know these statistics so that they could see the demographics for the most fatal accidents and in some cases to pick out a statistically safe vehicle for a new driver in the family.

2 2 2. The motor vehicle fatality statistics would be gathered from police reports after car accidents. The data is posted yearly, and depends directly on the number of fatal accidents that are reported.

3 3 3. The most recent statistic is the total number of motor vehicle fatalities in 2008. The data that I found is a compilation of the driver, passenger, motorcyclist, pedestrians, pedalcycalitsts (bicyclists), and ‘Unknown’ fatalities totaling 37,261 in the United States. The total motor vehicle fatalities in Michigan for 2008 were just 980 fatalities. 980 fatalities is a 31% decrease in motor vehicle fatalities between the years of 1994 and 2008. Also, for every 100 million miles traveled in MI, there were only 1.04 fatal accidents (2007).

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