Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Team spirit: Where does it come from?

Hometown loyalties may not be the toughest link connecting Kcollege students to their favorite sports teams. In a recent study of Kalamazoo College students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) and their interest in sports,Kalamazoo College business majors found that no clear strong relationship exists between which sports students supported the most and which Professional teams were available in their hometown. What they did find was were smaller relationships between students who were generally more involved in sports and what they were willing to do to support them.

Overall, students who were very interested in sports spent more hours watching sports broadcast throughout the week, they also attended more sports events no regardless of how far the team was from their hometown. Characteristics like gender, income,and city size also did not have a direct relationship to how involved Kcollege students were in sports. They also found that although more people liked basketball and football, they did not always attend more sport events in those seasons. In fact, the most popular season to attend sporting events was summer. The fact that more people supports sporting events in the summer could explain why there is so little school spirit throughout the acaemdic year at K...maybe? Overall, peoples personal preferences seem to be totally based on their individual likes and dislikes, and not relate to what they were exposed to in their hometowns.

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